Zotero Time Format in Date Added and Date Modified fields

I have read the, sometimes heated, discussions on how to change the date formats in the "Date Added" and "Date Modified" fields in Zotero Standalone and Zotero Firefox. I got the dates right by editing about:config in Firefox and in Zotero standalone.

However I now have a curious hybrid of correct dates but still have the US time format of am / pm. So with en-ZA (which is supposed to be ISO AFIK) I get "2016-09-20 4:20:49 pm" instead of "2016-09-20 16:20:49". With en-GB and en-AU it becomes "20.9.16 4:20:49 pm" (and curiously also with the de-DE and I would imagine other locales).

I tried to find a place where the time format is set but could not. Any ideas?

BTW: My windows 10 locale is set to Australia and uses the HH:MM time format.
  • Which "about:config" fields did you modify to get the date format?
  • There's nothing to change in the config editor. There's a locale switcher in the Advanced pane of the preferences, and that's what controls the date/time format. E.g., "English (UK)" will give you "26/07/2020, 15:13:28" for Date Added.
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