Use Zotero for downloaded RIS ?

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I'm using a database where there's a possibility to export references in RIS format (That's pascal/francis : )
I checked "Use Zotero for downloaded RIS/Refer files" in the general preference, but when I click export, firefox ask me if I need to download or open the file and Zotero doesn't intercept the file.

What am I missing here? How this "Use Zotero for downloaded RIS/Refer files" functionality is supposed to work? I took a look a the doc, but found nothing...

Thanks !
  • Whether RIS is auto-imported by Zotero depends on the site setting the correct mime type. Zotero recognizes (at least) application/x-endnote-refer or application/x-research-info-systems
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    @adomasven : I don't get it. It's not related to my issue. Or I don't understand...

    @adamsmith : Can you provide me a site with correct settings? This way I'll see if the behavior I have is related to the site or not.

    Can you check with the site I link I provided?
    --> Cite this item --> RIS would work, for example.

    The page you post doesn't (although you can, of course, still download the RIS and import it in Zotero)
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    Ok, so my issue is related to this site...

    I just found a workaround but it's a dirty one. I associate the ".ris" with firefox portable, then set firefox to always open ".ris" in a new window and then click on the zotero button to add my references...

    Is there a way Zotero can be associated with the .ris file on a "cleaner" way?
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    It's really the site's job to export the file with a correct content type. (Technical note: We could in theory look for a .ris extension in every Content-Disposition header of application/octet-stream, but I'm not sure that's a good idea.)

    But with the upcoming switch to Zotero Standalone for everyone (the full-featured version of Zotero for Firefox will be going away for technical reasons), you could instead just associate RIS files with Zotero Standalone, which would be a lot cleaner (no extra blank window, etc.).

    We'll also be looking into adding RIS interception to the connectors, though I'm not sure yet how feasible that is. When we do that, we can evaluate whether it makes sense to implement the workaround I mention above for misbehaving sites like this.
  • @Dan Stillman wait, what? Switch to Zotero Sandalone? Is there a place where I can read more about this?
    Thanks for your reply on my topic. I'll check with the webmasters of the site, but with little hope :/
  • Using standalone Zotero I noticed that downloaded RIS files (with Firefox, using the option "Open with... Zotero") are correctly imported in Zotero only when Zotero is also set as the default program for handling RIS files in Windows. Otherwise (if I open the RIS file from Firefox with Zotero, but the RIS file extension is associated with another program, say Endnote, the Zotero window is shown, but the file is not imported).
  • Thanks aeodhpt - now it works.
  • And you also need to associate the relevant MIME type with .ris as per
    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\application/x-research-info-systems]
  • @pedrom34 Your workaround didn't quite work as I wanted it to, since Firefox opened it as a txt element and saved it as a website.

    @aeodhpt Your first suggestion didn't work for me and, right now, I can't make any changes to the registry, as per your recommendation on your last reply.

    Workaround: Open .ris file Firefox and, instead of clicking Zotero button, copy the whole text, go to Zotero and use File > Import from Clipboard. Works flawlessly.
  • You can also right click on the link and choose save file as to download it, then import to Zotero.
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