Groups and strange syncing behavior

Hello, I created a group in order to make my "offline efforts" publicly available and open it to participation in a possible future. My idea was to work idenpendently in "My Library" and copy final versions of items to the group library. The Zotero documentation states:

"Note that group libraries are wholly separate from My Library. Any items dragged into them are separate copies and changes to the items will not be reflected in your own copy of the item until you drag it back into My Library."

Well, I copied items from "My Library" to the group, but when I edited them online in the group tab and removed my private tags, the tags were also being deleted in "My Library". This had already taken place in December 2015 and since then I haven't done any further testing in this regard. What was going on there and how can I assure that "My Library" and my group(s) are really separate from each other despite copying items between them?

Thank you.
  • This isn't supposed to happen and I am not aware of a single other report of changes made in a group automatically appearing in a library (nor do I see how that would happen on a technical level), so especially since this happened almost a year ago, I'd be inclined to say you either didn't do exactly what you describe here (e.g. you may have edited My Library online) or you're misremembering something about the tags.

    Obviously, if you _are_ able to replicate this, I'm sure Dan would be very interested in looking at this closely.
  • Thank you adam for your answer. The long time since this incident is indeed a bit unfortunate. While I am pretty sure that it happend as described, you might be right that it went differently somehow (most likely I might have edited My Library online though I'm not sure why I should've done that). If I can reproduce this at some point (unlikely), I will post again. Thank you.
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