import email adresses from articles


I was asked, by a colleague whose task is to send bundles of articles references to an open access repository, if Zotero translators could import authors' email adresses as well as first and last names. I found no clue in Zotero forum that such a functionnality does exist.
Could you tell me if an import can already be done of this field in a way or another, or, if no email adress field exists today, if this functionnality is likely to be added to Zotero translators ?

Hoping that I have explicited my question well enough
If not, feel free to ask for details


Damien Belvèze
  • doesn't exist, isn't going to happen any time soon
  • edited September 21, 2016
    Given how much spam I've started to receive after publishing just one paper as a corresponding author ("please visit our conference", "please publish in our journal"), I'm not sure making email address harvesting even easier is a good idea. (@dbelveze, that's not to say your request isn't valid, but the feature might encourage abuse)
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