"DOI:" in "Extra" field: Move, don’t copy

When exporting to CSL JSON, Zotero now *copies* any DOI found in the "Extra" field (format: "DOI: 10.000/0000", on a line of its own) to a "DOI" variable in the CSL JSON output – that’s great.

I’d like to suggest, however, to *move* the DOI instead of *copying* it. Currently, the DOI is left in the CSL "note" variable, but this interferes with using the "Extra"/"note" field for its original purpose, i.e., providing additional free-form information on an item, as used by a sizeable number of styles in the repository.

Same goes for PMID (and possibly others?).
  • Makes sense to me, but can't promise how quickly that'd happen.
  • Well, I was hoping that the change that was made for DOI was fresh enough in the memory of its author, so that the switch from copy to move would be easy ...
  • The latest processor release (tag 1.1.133, out this morning) supports line-entry variables in the Extra field, and removes variables when they are added to the item. Depending on whether Zotero performs other sanitizing operations on the DOI field content, it may be possible to remove that fix in Zotero and rely on the processor for this. It will be up to the Zotero team; we'll see how the new processor version performs in testing.
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