LibreOffice Integration 3.5.12 installed, but LO showing 3.5.9 in extension manager

I just noticed that while my Firefox Add-ons reflects LO Integration 3.5.12, LO extension manager reflects 3.5.9.
I deleted the extension from LO and then reinstalled from Zotero within Firefox (48.0.1) and LO still shows 3.5.9
ANyone else seeing this? @cmbarton ?
  • I don't use Firefox
  • I'd have to check, but it's pretty likely that the LO extension updates were just needed for Firefox compatibility and left the LO add-on in place as is. That's certainly true for 3.5.10, which was the same thing just signed by mozilla.
  • In the meantime, just to double check, I removed the extension that was automagically installed and then tried to do a manual install. The manual install finds the extension file in the finder, and the LO Extension Managers opens when you double click the extension, but then the Extension Manager hangs, which is as I recall a very old LO bug that will likely never get fixed....
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