Advanced Search: Collections and Attachments

Say I want to do a search that only returns PDF attachments.
Attachment File Type --> is --> PDF
with none of the search options checked works great -- everything but PDFs is greyed out.

But now I only want PDF attachments in a collection:
Attachment File Type --> is --> PDF
Collection --> is --> Sample Collection

only returns top-level PDFs (if there are any). If I check "include child & parent items", I get results but now (correctly, imo) with the parent items included in the search results (i.e. black).

I don't think this is right. Attachments are still in the collection of the items they're attached to and should be returned in the search above. on Firefox for Windows.
  • Yeah, this is a longstanding problem — attachments don't technically exist within collections, so they don't show up for searches like this. There's a hack to do it — you can create a saved search for "Collection" "is" "Sample Collection" with "Include parent & child items" and then make that the source of the second search — but that's obviously not a good solution. I've created a ticket to track this.
  • Five years later, this hack is exactly the quick fix I was looking for :) Thanks!
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