tag organisation/ times used/ deleting


this thread is related to https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/260795#Comment_260795 and https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/257905#Comment_257905

I use Zotero for a while now (after switching from EndNote) and just recently discovered the great usability of tags. Now I face the same problem as many others (see links above) that I have many tags automatically imported which are useless for me. Now I want to get rid of all the tags useless for me - deleting all tags at once as suggested in the above linked threads would not work for me, as I already created a large set of "selfmade" tags I want to keep. At the same time its quite an efford to go through the tags one by one.

I noticed that most of that tags useless to me are only assigned to one entry. So it would be of great usability to make visible the number of entries assigned with every tag - and be able to sort the tag list after the number of uses (as suggested in the above linked thread). Then I would like to mark all/most of the tags which are used only for one entry each and delete those.
That way I could get rid of a huge amount of useless tags.

Is there already a way to achieve that behaviour/workflow?
Otherwise I would like to suggest this as a feature, especially because there seems to be a high demand seeing the ongoing discussions in the threads above.
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