Change request: Searching within saved searches

I like the general search, especially when combined with the full-text indexing of PDFs.

What would be really nice is to be able to do a general search of a saved search.

For example, I have a saved search that looks for items with a particular tag and that aren't conference papers. It would be great to then just search within that pseudo-collection.

Alas, the general search picks up everything from my library.
  • A saved search acts like a Collection (folder). So you can add the collection as a condition (in the advanced search dialog) like this: Collection is MySavedSearch

    I just tried and it seemed to work. Not quite the interaction model you describe but I think the result is the same.
  • A quick search within a saved search should generally work, though there may be bugs.
  • I'm glad you said it might work ... I thought I was going crazy, as I was sure it was working at one stage (maybe in 1.5 beta 1)
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