"Save to Zotero" button saves to folder not hilighted in Zotero Tab of Firefox

Sporadically, the "Save to Zotero" toolbar button saves to a folder not highlighted (selected) in the Zotero tab of of my Firefox program on my Windows 7 machine.

For instance, one folder is highlighted in the Zotero tab, but when I save a web page I am viewing on another browser tab to Zotero, the web page is saved to another folder. More frequently, the items get saved to the "My Library" collection folder at the top of the tree.

All this can make it harder to find items I save to Zotero.
  • Does this happen if you use pane mode? Tab mode is being removed in Zotero 5.0, so not worth debugging this as long as it works in pane mode.
  • My Zotero is in a tab. Under preferences it says "Load Zotero in *App Tab*"

    Is that called pane mode or tab mode? I am not sure.

    Thank you.

  • Right, that's tab mode, and that's what I'm saying is being phased out. Pane mode is the default "Browser pane" option.
  • Dan, in Z5.0, are both tab mode options being removed or just the "App tab"? Currently, I load Zotero as "Separate tab", so not having that option would be lost functionality. What might be the reason for removing the tab option/s?

    And maybe none of this matters if Standalone is the way forward ...?
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