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Zotero is not properly reporting Publication for articles on our site.

'Save to Zotero using DOI' does not grab the Publication. 'Save to Zotero using Embedded Metadata' works just fine.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to here:
2. Click 'Save to Zotero using DOI'

Our DOI has the Publisher in it:

If there are any different metadata tags we need to add, we can do so, but I think this one's on Zotero at this point.
  • "Our DOI has the Publisher...

    As this seems to have type=journal article, Zotero doesn't currently include publisher in the metadata for that type. I believe that you want to use
    <journal_title>Entrepreneurship and Innovation Exchange.</journal_title> in your DOI submission.
  • Yes, it's a journal article. I don't see journal_title in the allowed elements for DataCite.

    Am I missing it somewhere?
  • I can double-check with the datacite folks here, but I think DataCite metadata just doesn't work well for journal articles.

    I think the only solution would be for Zotero to re-prioritize Embedded Metadata vs. DOIs. I think it's time for that (as you're not the only one in such a position). I'll see what others say (zuphilip, Rintze, Dan, if you see this and have an opinion? Otherwise I'll take it to github).
  • I didn't pay close enough attention to your metadata and didn't realize that you have been using DataCite. Someone else on the forum will need to jump in.

    My understanding is that DataCite is great for assigning DOIs to data sets but that it is primarily for that purpose and not for serials. Upon examining the user guide from your link, I see that my understanding is correct. Further, I don't see any way to shoehorn a journal article into their standard.

    CrossRef assigns DOIs for things such as journal articles. The annual fee and the fee per item is quite low.

    Don't be misled by other pretend persistent unique identifier programs and companies such as POI, OOI, SOI or UOI. These for-profit companies will assign an identifier but for all practical purposes their identifiers are useless. CrossRef, through their DOI linking system, is the predominant unique identifier for scholarly publications.

  • Just to confirm -- you can't currently add suitable metadata for journal articles to DataCite DOIs. They'll likely add it for the future.
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    Great, thanks. Appreciate the help, all.

    I'd like to prioritize the Embedded Metadata over DOI. It'd help my site. Can't speak for anyone else though.
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