Cannot install 5.0 beta

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  • M B
    edited September 12, 2016
    I can not install Zotero 5.0 beta plugin via link for latest versions of Firefox 48:
    "Firefox prevented this site from asking you to install software on your computer".
    Going to Security preferences and making exception to allow installing add-ons from – did not help.
    If I download XPI file manually, go into "about:addons" Extension tab and select "Install Add-on From File" – it allows to install plugin.
  • M B: Try again now. The new forums software was forcing all links into new tabs, and Firefox doesn't want to install extensions in new tabs.
  • Thanks, now clicking link in this forum display same message, but _fortunately_ also ask if I would like to allow installation.

    Remaining strange problem: if I manually copy URL of XPI, paste into address field, press Enter, I still get same message with no option to decide... Again, going to Security preferences and making exception to allow installing add-ons from – did not help even after Firefox 48 restart. Maybe someone has more ideas: maybe this is related to XPI file, maybe regression/bug in Firefox?
  • It's added security measures. You should always receive that message when a 3rd party site like asks you to install a browser add-on, so that's good (and has been the case for a long time).

    Pasting the URL into the URL bar is the same, functionally, as installing in a new tab, so same problem there. So everything working as it should (and since this isn't how people would install the actual release, it's also not something you need to worry about).
  • M B
    edited September 13, 2016
    Now I understand problem with manual URL.

    Again, still problem with installing via link in forum:
    after allowing installation, it downloads add-on;
    Firefox ask if I would like to install add-on;
    if I press "Install", it explains that it will be installed after restart.
    But after Firefox restart, Zotero add-on don't appear...
  • It doesn't appear under about:addons?
  • Did not appear
  • M B
    edited September 13, 2016
    In VirtualBox I tested two other systems – I have succes there.

    Now again about the complicated system (that I tested for earler comments). I started firefox in Linux console. After Firefox restart for installing Zotero add-on, I see some errors (see; but after testing to install other Firefox plugins via about:addons , I noticed, that some other plugins also produced similar result/output, though some other sucessed to install... [added:] Perhaps is related with Firefox bug then using SQL as NSS database:
  • Moved this to a new thread, since I don't think any of it was specific to 5.0.
  • I just tested Zotero 5.0 beta installation in Firefox 50beta7 - and it installs without any obstables (though do not install in Firefox 49)
  • Zotero 5.0 should work fine in Firefox 49 (and 45 ESR).
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