Duplicated attachment files for one reference

Is it possible to remove the duplicated attachment files for one reference? I'm not sure if I conducted the Sync in a wrong way. After some Sync operations, I found some references has more duplicated attachment files and when I right click each of them to `Show File`, each of them will refer to different storage position, e.g., `RXSBQ7FG and `ZEHCMA87`. This would spend more disk space.
  • You can right-click on the individual attachment files and move them to the trash.
  • @bwiernik, thanks for reply. There are many duplicates. Thus, I wonder if there was some Add-ons for this task. In addition, I'm not sure why these duplicates exist. I think it might be because of the Sync service. I always use the `Restore to the Zotero Server`, I think this won't produce the duplicates because this will erase all the data in the server. But the duplicates still exist.
  • No add-on, no. The most likely cause for duplicate attachments is using merge duplicates, which currently duplicates any attached files (so as to not delete any notes).
    You really shouldn't be using Restore to server instead of regular sync -- as the prefs say, it's not intended for regular use and it makes it impossible for Zotero devs to effectively troubleshoot issues you experience (and may, in fact, excacerbate some issues).
  • @adamsmith, thanks for your suggestion. I use Zotero Standalone and also Zotero for Firefox plug-in. So it is probably because the Sync information is not consistent. Now I've manually removed those duplicate attachments, and also uninstalled the Firefox plug-in as I think the Zotero Standalone is good enough for my work.

    And it is very convenient to use the Google Scholar for the bibtex information, then copy them to the Zotero Standalone database. If needed, then download the corresponding pdf files.
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