Discrepency between local/Zotero and WevDav storage

Hi all,

I've just been experimenting with syncing via WebDav (to box.com) and found a puzzling difference between what gets stored there, and my local storage and Zotero.org storage. I was hoping someone here might be able to explain it.

So my online Zotero storage says that My library (5697.3MB) plus a shared library is 5785.6 MB, and this roughly matches my local storage folder (5.85GB) in 3273 attachment subfolders. So far so good (though, strangely, I only have 2826 items listed in my library with attachments).

Syncing to WebDav (box.com, only one error message for a 280MB file that was over the 250MB limit) only results in 1402 attachment zip files, totalling 2.62GB. I know the zipped files are compressed but the compression ratios are only about 0.85, so that doesn't explain it (plus why so fewer?)

So my question is this: am I missing something or has WebDav syncing failed here? And if so, how and why might that be? It's been a couple of days since initial sync and it's been syncing to the same server from two different machines (work computer and laptop). New items are syncing via WebDav (verified on box.com) between the machines, but I'm just puzzled by the radically lower count and GB-age of attachments on the WebDav server.

  • Shouldn't be necessary, but try a Reset File Sync History in the Sync -> Reset pane of the prefs. (Definitely don't use the other reset options.)
  • Thanks Dan, yes that seems to have worked, after a few attempts. It looks like the computer going into sleep mode (an entirely separate issue I've got) might be cutting off the sync session without that being registered?

    best regards,
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