How do I set links in ZotFile > Extracted Annotations to launch in Foxit and not Okular?

I have Zotero stand alone with ZotFile 4.2.6 running on Ubuntu 14.04.

I have just installed FoxitReader 2.1.0805 to experiment with annotations. I used Ubuntu Tweaks to ensure that FoxitReader is associated with PDF (although Okular is also installed).

When I place a PDF in a collection (in a parent item) and right click on PDF and View PDF it launches in FoxitReader (which is my preferred default reader).

I can create annotations and use ZotFile to Extract Annotations.

However when I try to open links created inside the Extracted Annotations, (or in Generated Report), each link launches content in Okular (PDF Editor) and not in FoxitReader.

I'm not sure where these links in Extracted Annotations are parsed.
I thought that by using Ubuntu Tweaks > File Type Manager this would ensure correct mapping.

My question: How do I set Extracted Annotations links to open in FoxitReader?
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