SyncBack can't backup zotero.sqlite

I want to copy my large Zotero database for security to another cloud drive, through Syncback. The backup program does what it is intended to do - besides to copy zotero.sqlite . Because the file is locked as being processed (says the error message).
Now I have two instances of Zotero installed: ZSA & for FF (as the data base is quite large and became slow I use the trick provided here by Dan Stilman). How to stop all instances of Zotero from running so that I can copy the sqlite file? The task view shows no ZSA running. And how to stop Zotero for FF from running ? Exiting FF ? But will stop Zotero solve the error ??


This was the error message:
Failed to copy from Source : Safe copy failed. Failed to rename temp file: File is locked (C:\Users\Toshiba\Google Drive\zotero\zotero.sqlite): Le processus ne peut pas accéder au fichier car ce fichier est utilisé par un autre processus
  • You seem to have Zotero in google drive -- that would appear to be a much more likely cause of the error (and is something we frequently advise against). I have never seen a back-up utility fail because Zotero was running (though yes, exiting Firefox will stop all Zotero processes).
  • I used to put the Zotero DB on a local folder that was mirrored on Google Drive. However, Zotero sometimes became slow (waiting for several seconds after entering of a tag, for instance, in addition to warnings: Zotero does not respond) that I changed from Zot on FF to ZSA for the treatment (not the input of the biblio entries), and put the database on a local drive on the pc backing it up on the Google Drive with SyncBack. So, I no longer work with the database on Google Drive but use it as a backup place.

    Would you advise against this, too ?

    I think that I now have a more rapid access to my more than 5,000 entries. Zotero became reactive again.

    BTW: I changed a preference in SyncBack so that the backup process does not need an intermediate security backup while transferring, and that solved the problem.
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