getting file sync to work

I earlier had synced my files with but since that stopped working a signed up for a bingodisk account. I added the information in preferences and the server verifies and the zotero-folder got created but the files does not start to sync. I have "Enable file syncing" crossed. What am I doing wrong?
  • I am having almost the exact same problem, save that I can get the files to sync on one of my computers, but when I go to click sync on my mac, it errors out, with the yellow triangle over the sync button, saying "unexpected status code 300 in". I too had a account and opened up a bingodisk account tonight. Hopefully, we will both get this figured out quickly!
  • It started to sync all my attachments as soon as I added a new one
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    Thanks for the update! I'm glad that worked for you!

    As for me, I quickly tried adding a reference, and I still can't get my macbook or my work pc (connecting remotely) to sync. I can get my pc to do it with no errors, and all of the files are now in bingodisk, but I can't pull them back off from the other two.....

    I just tried doing a "restore to the zotero server" from the working pc; and a "restore from zotero server" on the nonworking macbook, and it still didn't solve it either. Any other ideas?
  • I've got the report ID now as well: 1700305858
    Still saying the same thing for the error as last night.
  • I'm havind the same problem...

    any sugestions???
  • Michael: You'd need to provide more details. What problem, what WebDAV service, what Report ID from Report Errors, etc.
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    hi there...

    my webdav service is the bingodisk
    and the error was "unexpected status code 300 in"

    as a possible solution...

    i've deleted all the stored information on my bingodisk account.
    but when zotero tried to sync the information back... only synced a few files...
    not the 100mb that i have locally.

    any ideas ???
    is this a bingodisk problem??
    or is a zotero "bug"???
  • If you can reproduce this, could you (or someone else receiving the "Unexpected status code 300" error) generate debug output for the sync attempt and send it to We haven't seen another server that behaves this way, and the debug output may provide a bit more information on why it's happening.

    If you're no longer receiving the message because you've deleted the files on the server, you'd need to use Reset Storage History under Zotero's gear menu to have it resend all the files.
  • i'm no longer receiving the message...

    and the reset storage history worked fine...

    i'm right on the tracks again...

    P.S. - if the problem re-appears i'll send you the debug output...
  • Error Report ID 719545211

    Similar problems. File syncing now working fine with my mac laptop, but not working with my work PC - using the latest beta for Zotero and firefox.

    i have just hit the reset storage history option, and then tried to sync again, to no avail

    when I hold the mouse over the sync symbol i get this kind of message "component returned failure code....ox8004005 (NS_Error_fai;lure) [mozisstorage statement.execute].... (and so on and on...)
  • tried again after exiting Zotero, but nothing changed.

    new error report no: 375740431
  • I am also getting the "unexpected status code 300 in"

    I am using bingodisk

    report no: 1886346677
  • I am also getting the error "unexpected status code 300 in"

    I am also using bingodisk

    I created a debug output and e-mailed the results to the support e-mail with the error code
    "Output log for: unexpected status code 300 in" in the subject line. I hope this information is sufficient to help solve the problem!

    Thanks for the great work!
  • Hi

    As per the users above, I am also getting the same unexpected status code 300 in error. I have been trying to sync between 3 different machines (Aspire One with Linpus, Windows laptop and Windows desktop). Synchronisation is quite erratic, and I have never yet managed a full sync of the attachments even after trying a "restore to the zotero server" from the working pc; and a "restore from zotero server" on the others. Further, even on the "working" machine the error message comes up after a while.

    Please let me know if you require more debug outputs.

    Thanks for a great piece of software.
  • I tried doing a reset storage history, then restarted the sync. It ran for about an hour, did about 80% of the upload then threw the unexpected status code messages again. See Error report 1887726009.

    Now each time Zotero tries to sync it starts, sends some data, then throw out the unexpected status code error and stops.
  • The "Unexpected status code 300" error should be fixed in 2.0b6, available now. It was likely due to the mod_speling Apache module being enabled on those servers.
  • Thanks, have updated and now works a charm.
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