AGLC and explanatory memorandums

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Does anyone have any tips for inputting an explanatory memorandum in to Zotero so it appears correctly formatted? I am using the CSL version of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) (

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  • Cite it as a bill but include Explanatory memorandum, before the bill's title.
  • Thank you very much @adamsmith!
  • And any tips for parliamentary debates (AGLC r 6.1.1)?
  • I created a full list of entry templates (using references from the AGLC manual) when I created the style. You can find it as a Zotero group here:
  • Thank you very much @adamsmith!
  • Any suggestions for the two types of gazette entries (AGLC r 3.4.1)? I couldn't find any reference to gazettes in the AGLC sample library.

  • Nothing great -- I'd probably hack it with Newspaper?
  • Would the fact that place of publication for newspapers appears in parenthesis be an issue? Gazette references don't contain any brackets. Same issue if we were to hack the report type.
  • right, I wouldn't add a location to the item.
  • Yeah, except where multiple notices appear in the same gazette so the author details need to be provided. In which case, location could become the jurisdiction?
  • Hi @adamsmith, I was wondering if I need to re-install the style to get gazette citations appearing correctly? Is there anything I can do to assist in updating the style? I've tried to see if I can make the changes myself (after reviewing and I think the item type 'report' may work better (so the gazette number can be included etc) but I've got no idea where to start to make the necessary changes.

    Thank you for your help.
  • I'm just not sure we can get there, to be honest. Zotero doesn't have a Gazette item type, we're already using report for several others, so not sure how much can be done.
  • Thanks anyway @adamsmith. I suppose this is why Juris-M was developed :).

    If an AGLC style was developed for Juris-M, would my scannable citations added using Zotero still work if I started using Juris-M? I'm using Scrivener so my citations appear as { | SA, 1985 |p. s 13(2) | |zu:2006667:W3RTNH4S} until I use the 'ODT/RTF scan' feature.

    Many thanks
  • ODF Scan definitely works with juris-m and I believe the item IDs (i.e. the last bit of the citation marker) also stay the same on moving, so yes.
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