'Convert Note to Abstract' disappeared in R4

The option to convert a note (in my case, from an entry downloaded in RIS format from ScienceDirect) to an abstract has disappeared in tha latest version (R4). Previously one could click on a note and convert it to an abstract in this way (showing up as a different [blue] icon.

Does this functionality still exist anywhere?
  • Abstracts have changed from glorified notes to regular metadata fields in Beta 4 -- abstracts from ScienceDirect should show up in the metadata pane on the right.
  • I have done a few tests, and it seems that articles previously downloaded from ScienceDirect, using earlier versions of Zotero, appear to have their abstracts now showing in the right-hand pane.

    Also, retrieving new citation info from a ScienceDirect page includes the abstract in the new entry in the right-hand pane *if* I save the entry by clicking on the icon that appears on the right of the browser address bar.

    If I click on 'Export citation' within a ScienceDirect article page, then select 'citation with abstract', 'RIS format', then 'export', Zotero handles the resulting RIS file and imports it, giving an entry where the abstract is not present in the right-hand pane, but as a note instead. This behavior is what prompted my original enquiry.

    I can just start clicking in the address bar instead, now the scrapers have improved. Good work!
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