cross referencing

I am writing a 100,000 word dissertation with a great many cross references, and I have noticed that zotero does not distinguish between different works by the same author. Our style guide says that when you are dealing with multiple works by the same author, you should give the short title.

For example, zotero footnote looks like:

Smith, above n 34, at 2.

And I may have referenced several works by Smith so Iwant it to look like:

Smith, The Wealth of Nations, above n 34, at 2.

Is there any way to do this automatically, or do I need to go through every single cross reference I have and add in a short title myself?
  • yeah, unfortunately the insertion of a note number disables the disambiguation (which would add the short title), so at least the way things now, it's either getting the cross reference or adding the short title for disambiguation.
    I don't think that's really the right behavior, but I'm not sure how easily/quickly it can be fixed.
  • ah ok that makes sense, Im not confident about changing the underlying code either, just wondered if there was an easy setting change I had missed
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