# 489422383 storage sync stalls

I've tried for a about a week to get a webdav store to successfully sync without success. Yesterday I erased the remote webdav store to start from scratch, unisntalled then reinstalled zotero, and synced my zotero info from my work PC. The upload seemed to proceed to completion correctly. I closed Firefox at work. At home I then unisntalled and reinstalled zotero and synced my data from there, expecting the two sets of stores to reconcile themselves. The sync failed -as usual- about half way through. The progress report near the green rotating arrow says there are uploads None downloads 143/146 progress 53%. These are typical values when the sync stalls. The green arrow remains rotating. Prior to both syncs I also clicked all three storage debug buttons on each PC.

From what I can make of the error report perhaps I have an old build, but as I had just reinstalled the add-on I can't see how that can be right.

My next attempt would be to not attempt to reconcile two databases, but just clone my home one at work, but that doesn't seem to me to offer much functionality. I imagine if there are one or two differences at either end these should be as easily resolved as say 50-100.

The zotero bibliographic info seems to be reconciled between the two PCs OK though.
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