Suppressing year

  • The following solution works for me, to include the (page) only, after a block quote or an in-text reference: In the classic view, when adding or editing a citation, click on show editor, and in the citation edit field, manually remove the date. I hope this helps! (Note - My documents are in APA 7th Edition style.)
  • You don't need the classic editor to do this. You can just do this right in your text in Word with the exact same effect (though note it'll prevent that citation from updating)
  • I would also like this option, due to APA.
  • I just wanted to add weight to the requests for this kind of flexibility. I have been teaching academic writing for over 20 years, and this is much more about good writing style than this or that citation format. As already mentioned, there are also formats where it is required. It seems to be from reading loads of threads on this subject that the Zotero developers are allowing it to not happen at all because it is too difficult for it to work for everyone. While I would generally admire such a commitment to inclusivity etc., this seems to be holding back the product. I would see such a thing as basic functionality, not a nice-to-have, and maybe by starting to make it work it will lead up avenues as yet unthought of.
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