Style Request: [Cath Lab Digest]

Campbell JL, Pedersen OK. The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comp Polit Stud. 2007 Month; 40(3): 307–332.

In addition to Year, this citation style includes Month and, if available, Day, in its date format.

1073-2667 (Print)
1073-2667 (Linking)

This CSL is specific to a journal publication and does not have a format for books.
  • That's a pretty standard Vancouver variant -- you should be able to find something fitting on
  • I checked Zotero styles before submitting the request and the closest it could find was a 20% match.
  • If you're using, everything below ~70% means you're using the tool wrong.
    Note that your example above would be the bibliography. You'd put (1) (or whatever the journal wants) for the citation.
  • Thank you! I found one that is 92 % similar (Journal of Spinal Disorders & Techniques). I tried to edit it to the Cath Lab Digest format, but didn't see a way to save it without altering the original.
  • If you change the name under "Info", the style will automatically save under a new name and you can install it. (Also, you'd never be able to actually alter the original, so there's no way you could actually break anything: not for you and certainly not for anyone else).
  • Great, thanks so much for your quick response. I have no programming skills, so I'm using the Visual Editor. For Cath Lab Digest, I need the date format to be e.g. 1 Mar 2007 but only see the text option of March 1, 2007.
  • Depends on how this looks currently in the style, but the basic idea is
    date (make sure "format" is set to blank)
    --date-parts : month (with a suffix set to space)
    --date-parts : day (with a suffix set to comma space)
    --date parts : year

    You'd have to add the date-parts by pressing on the + icon at the top left with the date node selected at the left.
  • I think I did it without messing up anything - thank you!
  • Oops, I guess I just defaulted it to add the date I entered in the sample. Now, the Cath Lab Digest citation style formats the date to always list 1 Mar as the day and month. I will try again and hopefully be able to update what I previously uploaded.
  • I cannot get this to work. Last annoying question: how to I get it to recognize that I want it to detect the month and day if it is available and insert them before tthe year?

    Current Format: 2007
    Desired Format: 1 Mar 2007
  • Forget it. This is what I needed to do:

    Set "form" to blank
    --date-parts : day (numeric, with a suffix set to space)
    --date-parts : month (short, with a suffix set to space)
    --date parts : year

    In the editor, this shows up simply as 2007 for the date field, but hopefully it will give me, e.g. 2 Feb 2007 within my document if the reference contains the month and day information. So far, it hasn't shown the day and month, but this may be because the citations I've tested don't contain those details. Thanks for your help!
  • Hello,

    Thanks to your help, I got most of the fields figured out and fixed. If you could please show me how to change the author field so et al. is never used (all authors are always listed, regardless of number), it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!
  • I decided to increase the # of references, required to activate the et al. appendage, to the maximum provided in the drop-down menu (19) and hope that workaround will be sufficient for most cases.
  • aren't you able to type in a number? I just set this to 99.
  • No, it forces a choice from the dropdown list. I chose the highest value (19) and left the next option (et-al-first-use) blank. Leaving them both blank resulted in a default back to et-al-min = 3. Short of some Nature or Science collaborative manuscripts, I'm hoping author lists won't exceed 19!
  • If you do need to change it, just changing et-al-min="19" to et-al-min="99" in the code editor will do the trick.
  • Ok, great. I was using the Visual Editor. Cath Lab Digest is done and I have learned a LOT this weekend. I appreciate your responsiveness. Thanks for all of your help!
  • @zlibrary1
    I see you made a style for Cath Lab Digest. It'd be great to include this in the repository to make it available to the community?
    Would you like to share the code either as a secret Gist on Github or submit it yourself (see here
    Happy to help you with this!

  • Can somebody check
    is that website down for you, too? They're active on twitter though.
  • works for me
  • edited June 22, 2017
    it does not work for me with a message "Access Denied - Error code 16
    This request was blocked by the security rules"
  • Yeah, that's what I got. I had to use a VPN to get access. Very odd.
    Made the style now.
  • Sorry, I never saw the follow-up question asking me to submit this to the Repository. Thanks for doing that.
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