RTF/ODF-Scan : using draging&dropping items work but not shortcuts

I've just installed RTF/ODF-Scan to use Zotero with Google Docs.
I can insert a citation using draging&dropping items: it works fine and a citation marker which looks like { | Smith, (2012) | | |zu:2433:WQVBH98K} is inserted in the Google Docs.
But when I want to use keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+Shift+A), a "normal" citation marker is inserted : (Smith, 2012).
It should be a parameter I've not configured well, but I can not find which one. Have you an idea what should I do ?
Thanks for your help.

OS : Linux (Ubuntu Gnome 16.04)
Chrome 52.0.2743.82 (64-bit)
Zotero Standalone
Google Docs
  • Use ctrl+shift+c, not ctrl+shift+a (which doesn't work for translators, which this technically is)
  • So simple. It works fine.
    Thanks a lot @adamsmith, I am still amazed how quickly you answer. How many are you ?!
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