Order tags by most used

I use tags a lot (as many other users I suppose), both for identifying topics (= keywords), but also to identify certain papers' characteristics (e.g. identifying a research synthesis/meta-analysis, or an historically important paper, or to remind me that I still need to tag/complete/obtain a certain paper, or to rate them [1-5 stars], or to make lists for a certain project...). So now I have over 800 tags... Scrolling through the tiny tags window has never been very practical (and the search function is very practical, but only if you know what you're looking for). Of course, I use the color/favorite tags, but 6 is a very limited set.

I would really like to have a better presentation of the tags, in a more functional way than the basic alphabetical list. One solution would be to order tags by most used (option in the Preferences panel or on the tag window). It would be quite easy to get a number of uses for each tag and then order them as such. This way, the most important ones would appear first, to be used again in new papers.

(Note: I think a lot of other cool stuff could be done with the statistics of use for tags, such as clustering [tags that are frequently used together], network graphs, hierarchy of tags, etc.)
  • Definitely a more flexible tag organization system would be nice. For the time being, however, you might find it useful to create "categories" of tags by putting a punctuation mark at the beginning (e.g., +review or *read)
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