Columns selection reset when I restart zotero


Every time I restart zotero (in windows 7) my columns selection go back to default selection. I have this issue for a couple of months and I do not have it in a mac machine sync with the same account.

any ideas of what can be wrong? should I go ahead a reinstall zotero?


  • What version of Zotero are you running?
  • Do you have problems with other settings being lost? If you change a Zotero preference, for example Font Size on the windows machine, does that get retained after a restart?
  • I tried font size and it was not lost. only the columns.
  • OK, try this: go to the Advanced pane of the Zotero preferences, click about:config, and in the window that pops up, search for "extensions.zotero.pane.persist". Right-click on that line and choose Copy Value. Paste that block of code into an email and send it to with a link to this thread, in case it's useful for debugging. Then right-click on the line again and choose Reset. (This will clear some of your window settings.) Then restart Zotero and try changing things again to see if it works any better.
  • Hi. just emailed you the info you requested and did what you suggested. unfortunately it still has the same problem after I restart zotero.
  • How are you quitting the program?
  • I press the cross on the top right side of zotero window.
  • Hi Dan,

    did you managed to look at the file I sent you? thanks

  • Hi Dan,

    Please let me know if you managed to solve the problem. thanks

  • is there a way to uncheck all columns? when i restart zotero, all columns are displayed, i uncheck them one by one, i restart they all show up again
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