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I find myself wondering why there seems to be no MODS local file import into Zotero. I feel as though I have a memory that Zotero had this capacity in the past and that I used it. Am I missing something? Am I wrong about this working well if the file is brought in from a website via translator? Is there a technical reason that there is no such import from a local file? A matter of time, priorities, funding? Thanks.
  • There is local MODS import -- if you post a link to a MODS file that isn't detected, I can take a look. It's possible we're too strict on detecting MODS as such and thus fail on import.
  • Here is a link to a MODS file that will not import into Zotero 5.0 beta r38. Injury & Maltreatment.xml

  • This imports fine for me in the stable Zotero 4. Have you verified MODS.js exists/reset your translators? I'll try the beta in a bit..
  • This appears to be a Zotero beta issue. The beta did not install the MODS translator. I do not know why. When I copied the translator from my Zotero 4 profile, it does work.
  • I have MODS.js dated 20 Aug 2016 (110 KB) in my translators directory.

  • I can't replicate this when MODS.js is present. It does seem that the translator is in the xpi. For whatever reason, it was not unpacked in my translators/zotero directory. Note that lastUpdated=2015-02-11.

    Perhaps you should check the debug log?
  • I copied each version of MODS.js to a usb stick for safekeeping. It appears that both the 4.0 and 5.0 versions of the file are exactly the same.

    Then, I deleted both versions of the file from my hard drive, emptied the trash, verified that no ODS.js existed on my hard drive (with the usb drive removed), reset my translators, and updated the translators.
    The MODS.js was back in my translators directory. However, I am nonetheless unable to import the file after a restart.

    Debug ID D436568144
  • MODS failure with translator present should be fixed in r39.

    noksagt, since this occurred due to incorrect handling of expected earlier translator detect errors, I'd guess that when this did work you were actually missing other translator files as well (e.g., Bibliontology RDF.js, which should always fail first, silently, on a MODS file). We can keep an eye out for translator files not being installed properly.
  • MODS imports are now successful.

    Thank you.
  • Una disculpa, ┬┐que es el formato de exportaci├│n MODS?
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