[Solved] Mistake in citation when creating a bibliography

edited November 3, 2016
Hi everybody,

I have an encyclopedia article with a collection number: "30-431-A-10"
Json file here :

I have modified Vancouver Style to match my needs. In my modified csl file, I have the collection number right after the date.
Csl file here :

In the visual csl editor, no issues, the citation is exactly like I want it to be.
In Zotero, when I create my bibliography and paste it to word or notepad I have my collection number changed from this:


to this :


I cannot figure out why... I assume this is related to the hyphen surrounding the A, but I don't know what to do to correct this...

Can someone help me ?

Thanks !
  • I don't think there's anything you can do to fix this, looks like a bug in the CSL processor to me (Zotero runs a newer version than the visual editor).
    @fbennett will need to take a look at this.
    (What I suspect is going on is that citeproc tries to parse anything in hyphens as a number and then prints NaN (for not a number) when it isn't. That's obviously not right, especially when collection-number is rendered with text variable and not with any number attributes.
  • Alright, thanks ! I'll have to wait then :)
    I just installed the v5 beta, and the issue is still present.
  • Any news on that issue ?
  • @fbennett Can you take a look?
  • Finally got to this, sorry for the delay. Install one of the latest Propachi plugins to test the fix. (The plugin should be disabled or removed at the next Zotero update.)
  • Works great !
    Thanks @fbennett ! :)
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