Don't know how to insert Author's name in online source


I am facing a problem. I am using an online source ( Intially, I thought it doesn't have author but now I found the same. The source gives a PDF file. Now, how can I insert Author's name in Zotero so that it can be used in different style? When I am using it without Author's name it looks like -- Anon. (n.d.). Neuroscience-of-Learning-and-Development1.pdf. [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 30 May 2016].

BUT I don't want to see Anon. (n.d.) because I know the name.

Any Help would be much apprecited.
  • right-click --> Create Parent Item will attach the PDF to a Zotero item, for which you can then fill out author, title, and anything else you need.

    Generally in these situations, you can use but I'm pretty sure that won't work here.
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