Add Button "launch via OS" for attached files


i would like to have this simple functionality added:
When double clicking an attachment, it opens in firefox by default. Thats nice if firefox does support the file (ok, that's mostly the case), and if one would like to view the file in firefox.
Nevertheless, there are some cases in which i do not want to view the file in firefox, but in the default application for that filetype that i have installed.
As far as i understood, if i change the file there (in its original location in the zotero folder), it gets automatically synced afterwards!?
In order to open the file with the default app, i have to click on "show file" and then i can double click on it in Explorer, Finder or whatever.

Now it would be nice if there would be a 3rd button that simply launches the file via the OS so that the application that is associated with it is run. (called "launch externally", "open externally" or similar)
It would just save some clicks for opening, but one, too, would not need to close any Explorer/Finder windows after having the file opened.

  • You can have all non-native files open externally by going to about:config in the Firefox address bar and setting the extensions.zotero.launchNonNativeFiles preference to true.
  • that's interesting! many thanks!

    it seems to me that non-native files in this sense mean files that firefox can't handle without plugin?

    However, after doing this switch i find no way for opening some files inside firefox - everything is being opened by the external programs. I thought about dragging the file from the zotero section into the window, but this doesnt work either.
    but now i can switch back an forth, thats good.

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