Prevent extra braces in BibTeX export

  • @danstillman the Zotero sentence-case text-transform turns Title <i>with</i> <span class="nocase">MARKUP</span> into Title <i>with</i> <span class="nocase">markup</span>
  • @ryofurue I may have a (partial) solution for imports. If you open an issue on github, we can see if you find that helpful.
  • @danstillman Are proper names expected to be protected with <span class="nocase"> in Zotero? Or is there something in place to make this unnecessary?
  • No, Zotero doesn't know anything about those tags currently. Those are just used by citeproc-js.
  • Yeah that's what I meant actually -- citeproc expects proper names to be protected this way right?
  • No, citeproc would never modify ALLCAPS words to lowercase. The only reason to use nocase markup is to prevent upper casing, such as “iPhone” or for non-English segments of English titles.
  • But would it modify something like American Express?
  • In normal usage, citeproc never turns an uppercase letter to lowercase.

    If a CSL style were to use text-case="sentence", citeproc-js would force an unprotected uppercase letter to lowercase, but the CSL style guidelines say to never use use text-case="sentence" but instead to assume that all titles are sent to citeproc in sentence case with only proper nouns or other always-uppercase words in uppercase.
  • Man that took some doing but BBT should now mostly import Sentence Cased bibtex to conform to this. I'll be cutting a new release when #1245 and #1246 are confirmed.
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