Ticket #1299 Google Books translator not grabbing publisher a problem in 1.0.9 also

Hi, I have been having trouble with translators for a couple of months now. On my Vista Laptop, I have used "administrator" to give myself as a user, full read write permissions which fixed a few major problems and have turned off Norton "Identity safe" which fixed a few more, but I still don't get place and publisher from the Google Books site translator. I note there is a ticket to fix this in Version 1.5, but not in Version 1.0.9. I am the second person to report this in 1.0.9 ( see also http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/5400/missing-publisher-field-in-google-books-site-translator/). I don't know about others but until 1.5 is out of Beta, I would prefer to go on using 1.0.9 for stability. Is this problem going to be corrected in 1.0.9?
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