APA PsycNET translator and ISSN

The imported ISSN field not only contains both the ISSN and the eISSN it also contains the text -- see below:

Could everything beyond the first ISSN be truncated? These ISSNs are presented separately in the page header.

Also, would it be possible to capture the article language (also in the header)?

For example: http://psycnet.apa.org/journals/dev/52/8/1169/

Thank you.
  • Why would we want to truncate instead of getting both ISSNs, e.g. space separated?
    Otherwise this is easy enough.
  • As you say, space or comma seperated would be better. Thanks. Quite a few publishers present both ISSNs that way. I wasn't thinking. I just wanted to be rid of those words.
  • OK, those two things are now live.
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