[Solved] [beta 5.0r38] sync issue

I am having a sync problem. This is the first sync from the time that I installed any version of the beta and today is the first day I've synced in more than a year. (My work doesn't require syncing as I haven't added anything permanent to my library since 2013.)

Error Report ID 850797870

I will also send a debug as well after I do a restart.
  • See above.

    Debug ID: D211268943.
  • OK, thanks — the main error from that should be fixed in the latest beta, r32. There might be some other issues with the sync that need fixing as well. Let us know how it goes.
  • I did a bit of deleting of empty collections and unneeded records both on the Zotero server and on my local client.

    Here are debug and report id numbers for my most recent failed sync:



    Thank you
  • There is nothing I need that is on the server that isn't stored on my local client. I am willing to test by restoring _to_ server. Would that be helpful?
  • No, much more helpful to go error by error. I'll look into these. Thanks.
  • OK, try r33. Probably good to turn on debug logging for the first sync after the upgrade, in case there's another error.
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    See: D1841470051

    First sync after upgrade.

    I waited more than one minute after clicking to send error report but never got beyond the "please wait while the error is submitted" screen. I copied the error report and I have pasted it below.

    [error report removed — D.S.]
  • I think there may still be an issue here, but try the latest version.
  • Dan:

    Sync errors with r34

    Report 1577916377

    Debug D270267238

    I hope that this is helpful. Please let me know if there are additional tests I can do that could be more productive.

    Thank you for what you do. The fact that you are Zotero staff doesn't mean that you are less worthy of appreciation.
  • OK, try the sync now — no new version needed.
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    Not syncing yet:


    Report ID: 1852864274
  • r35 should get you a little further.
  • The sync seemed to go through (I went through the process of resolving conflicts). However, I received another error message.


    Report ID 968371317

  • Let me also report that with the failed sync mentioned above, all but one of my 70+ RSS feed subscriptions in the listing vanished.
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    Are they still gone after a restart? If so, you can restore from an automatic backup of your database (or Time Machine, obviously).
  • Neither a Firefox restart nor a full restart of my computer brought the subscriptions back. This is a minor inconvenience for me so I will not restore the subscriptions by using a back-up. In a sense, that makes me an ideal beta-tester of sync.
  • OK, the feed issue was actually known and just waiting on a fix, now rolled out. Still investigating the other issue.
  • OK, see if r38 addresses your sync error.
  • The sync went through with no errors. An examination of my library seems to show that everything is in its place.

    Thank you.
  • That's great. Thanks for helping to debug these.
  • You're most welcome. I am pleased to be a small part of your triumph. I've read that improved syncing is to be one of the key benefits of Z5.0 and I thank you for your successful work.
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