Sync Zotero with Synology NAS via WebDAV

I am rather a beginner in IT and I am trying to use my Synology NAS to sync my Zotero library.
As mentioned in the Synology help I have installed the WebDAV app and opened the 2 ports Http (5005) an Https (5006).
When I go in Zotero and try to set the server URL, either with Http or Https, I get this message :
"http://NASadress:5005/zotero/ is not a valid URL WebDAV"
After trying to find a solution online and testing several hypothesis and advises given in tutorials in Synology, Zotero and my router, I have to recognise my ignorance and ask for some help... haha
Let me know if you need any additional information and thank a lot you in advance.
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