Word Plug-in: No date required

Sometimes when using the word plug-in I want neither the date nor the author ... as in:

In his ground breaking 1996 article, Whittington says, "There are too many fish in the sea" (p. 23).
Is there a way to do this?
  • Yes. Click 'Show editor' when inserting the citation. This allows you to edit the citation text. You can change it into anything you like. In the case of your example you would delete everything except the page number.
  • Thanks Mark.
  • if I'm not mistaken, though, using the refresh button will undo this in the entire document and put back in author and year, so that you'll have to search your entire document and manually correct it (and then, once again, will the effect be undone by the refresh button).
    In terms of usage, I would thus suggest not using the method proposed by mark, but instead just adding all in manually. This only causes a problem if this is the only time you're using that particular citation.
  • Really? That's terrible - and quite stupid! I've never seen that.
  • adam.smith: I believe you are mistaken. Please try editing a citation with the citation and then refreshing.
  • sorry, I was wrong, my apologies.
  • No problem at all! We really appreciate your help on the forums.
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