Reference numbers in Zotero

Hi all,

I'm in the process of switching over to Zotero, great to see such a cool program working with OpenOffice and Linux! the problem I have is that I routinely use Reference Manager. This automatically assigns a unique reference identification number. When I print the references, I write this number on the paper and use it to track the reference.

No doubt Zotero assigns some unique number, but how it does this is not evident, ie. no obvious numbering of references. So my questions are; can I import the reference ID number from RM and have it in Zotero? This is vital to me successfully using Zotero. And, does Zotero assign a unique number that can then be used to track printed papers?

Finally, I'd like to support the addition of italics, subscript, superscript, small caps and Greek (supported already?) in Zotero. It's all fine being able to do this once the bibliography is generated, but like many life science people I have lots of references that require this type of formating in the reference title. I want to be able to do it once and that's it, not every time I generate a bibliography.


  • Please see past discussion on numbering:

    Zotero does have a LOCALLY unique number that it assigns & there have been mixed discussions about exposing this to end users.
  • There are other threads on rich text in fields other than notes. Super/subscript numbers and Greek are already supported by Unicode. Some are using lightweight markup as convenient workarounds to denoting what they want to have in richtext until it is fully supported.
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