Thanks for releasing beta4

Just installed the beta4 and skimmed the long changelog. Will try the new version out later. Thank you all for working this out. So much hard work for you!
  • Yes, also want to say THANK YOU for the new release. Particularly useful would be the changeable text size, and the annotation & highlight functions on snapshots.
    One small thing (not sure yet if it is my problem or Zotero's): For the the change of text size to take effect, I now have to restart Firefox. Is that designed to be so? Would be even better if I can change the text size in real time.
    Excellent job, anyway. Thanks again!
  • Bless you for this release. For me, the biggest improvement was fixing the focus issues. I would sometimes have to click on a field 4 times to get it to focus properly, which really drove me crazy. I didn't complain about it because I thought it might be a Firefox/XUL issue, but obviously it was something you all could fix.

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