Date format issue: FF is DMY but Standalone stays in MDY


The language of my Win7 PC is set to FR, as is Firefox (FR-fr). I've been using the Firefox extension, but since lately Firefox kept freezing I decided to use Chrome instead with the Standalone and shared data folder with the Firefox extension. No issues there.

However, although the Firefox extension is using the correct date format (DMY), Zotero Standalone uses MDY which is confusing and annoying. I had set Chrome to EN-US, but switching it to EN-GB changed nothing... I don't understand the discrepancy, especially since the FF extension and Standalone share the same data folder so the same settings..?

Help !
  • I solved my issue by going into the about:config panel of Standalone and filtering the "locale" values. The value general.useragent.locale was set to en-US. I set it to fr-FR and all is now well. I guess that I picked up the US Standalone setup file since Chrome was set to en-US at the time.
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