Incorrect APA style film citing?

  • Aha. It looks like the director variable will not be populated until it is no longer the primary creator field for the type:

    That leaves us with the option of either forcing the remapping in Zotero's itemToCSLJSON() function, or in the processors.
  • Does this mean there's currently no way to render a director name?
  • no, it means that it's not possible to render a director name and label her/him as director as distinct from an author. Directors are currently treated as authors.
  • Is the value of the director field overriding the author? I'd like to use the author field for the screenwriter, but I can't seem to be able to display it along with the director.
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    It's not overwriting it; scriptwriter just isn't mapped at all. Which guide wants scriptwriters?

    edit: to change screenwriter into scriptwriter. I assume both are the same.
  • There is no "author" field for film. Director acts as author for all intents and purposes though. Why not use Scriptwriter for screenwriter?
  • @adamsmith: MLA seems to include (script)writers optionally, see e.g. or -- sorry, I don't have the original style guide.

    About that 'scriptwriter' role, I tried it, but CSL 1.0.1 doesn't seem to have that (I checked the standard and used the validator), and Zotero won't accept that .csl file. So what can I do about that?
  • as I said - scriptwriter isn't mapped anywhere, there's no way to get it into a citation style.
  • Right, scriptwriter is not mapped to a CSL variable (nothing except for director is). I was just saying semantically that would be the correct thing to do, since you can't accomplish what you want anyway. At some point it may get mapped to a CSL variable of some sort. for reference.
  • Okay, thanks for making that clear.

    So what would need to be done to get this into CSL? Discussion on the xbiblio ML? (From a technical POV, this isn't a hard problem, is it?)
  • You can read the discussion here:

    For any followup, that somewhat depends if it would need a CSL change or a mapping change. For scriptwriter, it seems like the consensus was to introduce a new CSL variable _if_ the field is even required for citing. That would mean posting to xbiblio ML
  • Just pinging. Any progress since 2014? Did the xbiblio discussion provide any additional insights?

    Specifically, are there any reservations about adding<names variable="director"/>(see above) to chicago-author-date.csl and other styles? (pandoc and others that can access databases that contain "director" would benefit immediately.)
  • implementing director is fine and that part is solved from the CSL side of things.
    I don't think any discussion on screen/scriptwriter ever went anywhere, though.
  • Thank you. A pull request for chicago-author-date.csl is on its way.
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    What about Zotero’s export then?

    Exporting the director field as director (in CSL JSON) is the last missing bit that remains to be fixed now.

    The most recent statement seems to have been @fbennett’s: “That leaves us with the option of either forcing the remapping in Zotero's itemToCSLJSON() function, or in the processors.” (see above)

    Has any decision been reached here?

    Unfortunately, Better BibTeX cannot even work around this (see, so a proper fix on the Zotero side would be appreciated very much indeed.
  • I think conceptually there shouldn't be any objections. The only issue there is that, as aurimas points out, all other item types export an author--but I don't see why that should need to be the case.

    I guess for me the question would be if Dan or Simon have any objections to doing this explicitly in itemToCSLJSON() (which seems maybe a bit hackish?) or what other approach we should take here.
  • omg I was hoping for a quick fix to make this (director) addition correct in APA but the discussion above has put my head in a spin ... hopefully a solution will come some time soon
  • Is there a solution for getting Zotero to generate correct film citations in APA yet? I need it to be like this:
    Producer, A.A. (Producer), & Director, A.A. (Director). (Release Year). Title of motion picture [Motion Picture]. Country of Origin: Studio
    But I only get this:
    Director, A.A. (Date). Title of motion picture.
    As you can see Zotero is omitting a lot of detail that I'll need to add in by hand later... please tell me there's a fix!
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    Just wanting to bump this issue. I'm echoing the experience of @robinsvict. I am citing a number of different media for my dissertation, the reference list of which initially produced for film-specific citations:

    Director, A.A. (Date). Title of motion picture.

    Manually entering Producer information did not populate in bibliography, but manually entering Distributor did. However, there is still no field for Country of Origin as required by APA format. So, after manually entering info in the available fields, Zotero generates bibiliographic citations thus:

    Yates, P. (1968). Bullitt. Warner Brothers/Seven Arts.

    I am not a tech-head regarding patches et al., but am curious if a solution is in the pipeline? Or do you suggest we manually update bibliographic text to reflect APA format and not rely on Zotero to produce accurate formatting of film citations?
  • Pipeline is probably too optimistic. I'd say radar, maybe? We know at least the basics of what needs to happen, but we need a couple of things to fall in place before.

    All that said, I think if you put
    {:publisher-place: United States}
    into Zotero's "Extra" fiel, you'll at least get the country of origin.
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    Thanks adamsmith.

    Scraping IMDB seems to populate the "Extra" field with IMDB info.

    I went ahead and manually adjusted/formatted film citations in the bibliography after Zotero generated it in my .doc. As I'm nearing the end of my work, I don't think this will prove a problem.

    If other readers want to do similarly, I also found that leaving the producer tagged as a second "Director" generated both names in the bibliography; I could then manually type (Director) and (Producer). So, with the Producer also tagged as a second "Director", zotero would automatically generate this:

    Yates, P., & D'Antoni. P. (1968). Bullitt. Warner Brothers/Seven Arts.

    Which could then be manually and accurately updated in the bibliography post-Zotero generation as:

    Yates, P. (Director), & D'Antoni, P. (Producer). (1968). Bullitt [Motion Picture]. United States: Warner Brothers/Seven Arts.

    Moderately labor-intensive, but doable.
  • As long as that { bit is anywhere on a new line in the Extra field, it should work.
  • You should enter Motion Picture into the Format field to get the [Motion Picture] to render automatically.

    For the role labels, if you enter all the names as "Director" in Zotero, then add (Producer) and (Director) with the parentheses at the end of the first/given name field, the citation will render correctly.

    Using those two data entry steps, I got this reference to format automatically with no manual adjustments:
    Yates, P. (Director), & D’Antoni, P. (Producer). (1968). Bullitt [Motion Picture]. United States: Warner Brothers/Seven Arts.
  • Nice - thanks, bwiernik!
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