Reindexing PDFs


I notice a few people at various times have commented on the ability (or lack of it) of Zotero to re-index individual PDFs. There's even a post from Dan saying from 2007 saying it'll be in the next version.

So, for my tuppence worth, I'd say it would be a good thing.

I've a lot of PDFs and some of them are images rather than text. When I find/rediscover one, I normally click on the "Recognize text using OCR" button in Acrobat. Then ... I either have to save the file somewhere else, delete the original, add the new file back to the old item and let Zotero work its magic, OR, I have to re-index the whole set of PDFs. (Obviously the second option is for when I'm lazy and have time on my hands).

I would be really nice to have a Re-index button, or better yet, have Zotero recognize automagically that the file has changed and reindex itself (that might be too hard).

Or am I missing something (as is often the case)?
  • Select the PDF attachment. In the right pane there should be something like "Indexed: Yes" or "Indexed: no". In the latter case there is an icon besides it which you can click to reindex.

    It is not possible yet, however, to find all unindexed PDFs.
  • This probably needs to be adjusted such that the Reindex button appears regardless of the current state (or automatically, as Peter suggests).
  • OK, in 1.5 Beta 2 the Reindex button and context menu option appear even on indexed items.
  • I've just download Beta 2. Thanks. The re-indexing works a treat.
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