Error 1542770552 Zotero keeps crashing--

Dear Help,
Have been having some trouble with Zotero constantly crashing. It's been happening every 10 minutes or so the last few days.
There seems to be some trouble with pdf files. I am not sure why zotero keeps wanting to delete pdf files.
But previously this problem syncing a file or two did not result in a crash. There is just a red circle with exclamation point near the green "sync" arrow.
But now the program crashes repeatedly!

Any tips on how to fix?
  • What do you mean by "crashing"?

    As for the sync error, the message says the possible reasons:
    The file '[…]' cannot be deleted.

    Check that the file is not currently in use, that its permissions allow write access, and that it has a valid filename.

    Restarting your computer or disabling security software may also help.
  • Thanks, Dan Stillman.
    It does keep happening this way--
    e.g. Report ID 2143822467
    By "crash", I mean the main console screen of Standalone blanks out and gives the message, "An error has occurred. Please restart Zotero. You may report errors by..."

    Then I have to restart Zotero. I keep losing notes that I have been taking using the "edit in a separate window" feature of note-taking. I've started just having a separate window of Notepad open so I can copy the notes temporarily and they aren't lost entirely when the program crashes every 15-20 minutes.

    I am syncing via Webdav using Box.
    My machine has windows 7 with panda free antivirus
    Every time I start Standalone, it gives this error of not being able to sync or delete some file. Obviously it is not convenient to restart the computer every time Zotero syncs, and restarting doesn't help anyway: I even get the warning on the first instance of opening the program on startup.

    I will try disabling the antivirus-- Panda actually prevented zotero from installing on a previous computer.
  • Yeah, Zotero shouldn't crash, of course, but if you're getting that access message, something on your system is preventing Zotero from accessing its data directory, so you'll need to fix that anyway.
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