Bug report: MS Word plugin: run-time error with zotero version 1.0.0b4.r1.r1343

Today I was asked to upgrade zotero. Later the MS Word plugin did not work any more:

When using Zotero Insert Citation, the plugin inserts a "{Citation}" Field and then a dialog appers which informs me about a Visual Basic run-time error: '-2146697208 (800c0008)'. Text: Der Download für die angegebene Ressource ist gescheitert. (Download of denoted ressource aborted). The same is true after Zotero Insert Bibliography inserts a "{Biblography}" field and for Zotero Set Doc Prefs (which inserts no field before the run-time error). Numbers and Text were the same.

Workaround was to restore the old firefox profile.

Ciao, Gregor
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    gzattler: The publicly available MS Word plugin is not compatible with the developer or SVN version of Zotero. To continue using the developer builds of Zotero, you'll need to upgrade your Word plugin using the latest version available on our developer site.

    For everyone else out there, both b4 and the new (alpha 2) version of the Word plugin will be available in the next couple of hours.
  • o.k. i was able to replay a backup. So nothing serious happend even thought I was in a hurry for an application...

    But: I did not manually upgrade Zotero nor did I use a SVN version. I used the version from you website and this asked me to upgrade... And then there was the word plugin problem... then I searched for a updated word plugin but had no luck...

    seems to me you should have warned the user resp. push updates when all necessary components are ready.

    Ciao, Gregor
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    1.0.0b4.r1.r1343 is on the development XPI track.

    Generally speaking, one would have to download the dev XPI from the development section of our site in order to get on this update track. Looking at our logs, however, there seem to be a large number of people on development builds all of a sudden, which makes me think we inadvertently switched some people over while preparing the Beta 4 release... Our apologies if this was the case with you.

    If you don't wish to be on a development build, please install Beta 4 from http://www.zotero.org and then grab the newest version of the Word plugin, linked to from the announcement blog post. (If it seems we did in fact get people on the dev track incorrectly, we'll adjust things on our end to get everyone back on the main release track.)
  • Thanx, I did so and now it works again.

    Ciao, Gregor
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    Hi Dan,
    I did exactly as you said and I'm still getting errors. When I try to insert a citation, I get

    "Run-time error '5':
    Invalid procedure call or argument"

    at which point I have to click End.
    Then, I get a {Citation} in my document.
    PS I'm using 1.0.0b4.r1.r1365
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