OSCOLA Parliamentary Committees

Is there a style in Zotero for Hansard and Parliamentary reports, as in 3.4.2 OSCOLA? I am trying to cite a Parliamentary committee (p40 OSCOLA). I used the editor (which is not recommended as I understand).
  • It's a bit cluncky, but add them as the book using the template for other reports such as:
  • That works well, thank you. I have adjusted your example to fit the last example in OSCOLA 3.4.2 for 'reports of select committees of either House ...' etc.:
    Item type: Book
    Title: title of comm paper
    Author: name of committee
    Edition: for example, 'HL 2022' for House of Lords 2002
    Date: for ex, '107-I' as from the OSCOLA example on pg 40.
    That's even more cluncky than yours, but it works, and at least there's no editing. Hopefully I'm following OSCOLA accurately ..
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