Direct attachment import from emails?

I often receive PDFs as email attachments. Currently I have to save these attachments to a seperate folder, before either dragging to zotero or using the "store copy of file" feature. The main hassle with this is remembering to delete the files afterwards (they usually end up sitting on my desktop for weeks).

A really useful feature would be to be able to drag directly from my email to zotero, much as you can drag an attachment to the filesystem from an email (I use outlook 2007).

Looking at the other discussions, it seems that this might not be so easy to implement, so in the meantime can anyone come up with a workaround, such as a folder that is automatically purged every day, so I don't have to remember to delete things?

Even better would be a feature where a folder could be monitered by zotero and everything put into that folder imported into zotero (automatically or on command), and immediately deleted from the monitered folder. This would seem to achieve maximum compatibility with minimum hassle.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions, and thanks to the developers for making reference management a joy rather than a chore.
  • I'm going to declare this one sorted out

    I didn't realise quite how trivial it is (in terms of extra mouse clicks) to import from a dedicated folder, which i periodically delete the contents of - I guess I should try things before posting here.
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