Special characters and BibTeX export

Sometimes I enter the abstract into Zotero by cutting and pasting from a PDF. Zotero allows special text characters to be stored in its note fields. Some of these characters are not understood by BibTeX. (Notes that are "marked as abstracts" are exported to BibTeX.)

At the bottom of this message I've pasted an example. Try pasting it into the abstract note for an item and exporting to BibTeX. I apologise if this special character confuses your browser and causes small rendering errors, as it does to mine.

I'm not sure what to suggest as solution to this problem. Should Zotero be responsible for filtering out bad characters during BibTeX export? Should Zotero not store special characters that it can't display anyway?

  • Andrew -- had to strip the character, as it was breaking the forum RSS feed (which is obviously a separate problem but one we don't have time to deal with at the moment).

    We'll look into the issue of invalid characters in BibTeX. I imagine it may be an issue in Zotero RDF (invalid XML) and other formats as well. Thanks.
  • edited March 28, 2007
    Haha oops, sorry I broke the RSS feed. I didn't anticipate that! Damn special characters ruin everything they touch ...
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