Unintuitive behaviour of Export "Save As" dialog box

When I choose to "Export Selected Item ...", then click OK, I am presented with a standard "Save As ..." style Windows dialog box. The "Save as type" drop-down box has "BibTeX" selected. It is a windows convention that, when a particular file type is selected in such a dialog box, the appropriate file extension for that type (.bib) is automatically added to any file name the user enters, if the user didn't manually enter the extension themselves.

Zotero doesn't currently adhere to this convention. I think it would be better if it did.
  • As far as I know we can't control this within Mozilla. Try it with the Firefox "Save Page As..." dialog.

    If you can find an example of a Mozilla app getting this right, let us know.
  • In Firefox, when I choose "File -> Save Page As ...", then choose "Text file", then type "test", the page is saved as "test.txt".
  • Oh, OK, I misunderstood--that we can do. We just can't control the extension in the Save dialog itself when switching between file types, but that doesn't apply in this case.

    I'll create a ticket. Thanks.
  • This issue is now fixed, and the fix should become available to you with the release of beta 4 (which should happen very soon). Thank you for your help.
  • I've just downloaded Beta 4 (and it's looking good!), but the issue remains: when I choose "Export Selected Item ..." or "Export Library ...", then click OK, then type "asdf", then hit "'Save", the file is saved as "asdf" and not as "asdf.bib".
  • OK, I think the latest build should work as expected.
  • Thanks Dan, it does now work as expected.
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