About searching in Zotero and especially Tags

I've looked for some informations about using tags while searching, and I wonder if the following actions would be possible ?
(a) is there a way to export a Tags list from a collection or a specific sub-collection (into a text file, or anything else) ? I have collected quite a lot of items for a literature review, and automatic collected tags and manual tags have been added. As a result, there are many of them and I would like to see them all at once, not only in the left panel...
(b) is there a way to organize a collection or sub-collection not only by date / author / title (etc.) but also by tags ? it would mean to add a column for tags, not sure it would be possible...
(c) about timeline and tags : sometimes ago there were some questions about the possibility to sort a timelime by tags, not only by title (https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/1375/timeline-and-tags/), is it something which could be implemented later or definitively not ?
(d) more generally, is there a way to generate a general report about a collection / sub-collection ? I am not thinking to the report function which is yet implemented, but a more basic one and more "database" orientated, if I may say so : number of items, number of authors, number of items by authors, number of tags, number of items by tags, number of items by date, and so on... It may be a too general function. But as a matter of fact, after years using Zotero (thanks so much for this wonderful tool), my Zotero has thousands items, dozens of collections and sub-collections, a myriad of tags, and sometimes I wish I could have a general overview of some collections / sub-collections.

Anyway, thanks a lot for Zotero which helps a lot !
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    (a) is there a way to export a Tags list?
    Not easily. They do appear in several of the standard bibliographic formats or you can use sqlite to poll the database. This is likely the best DIY way to get at (d) as well.
    (b) is there a way to organize a collection...by tags ?
    Given that references can have more than one tag, how exactly would you want things to be organized?
    (c) could [tag filtering of timelines] be implemented later or definitively not ?
    I don't see a fundamental technical limitation, but note that the timeline code has barely been touched recently & an educated guess is that the priority of this would be extremely low.
  • Thanks for your comments, sorry for answering so late.

    (b) Good point ... better link this need to (c) : it could be useful for me to "visualize" my items by tags, in a timeline : when a concept / theory / etc (anything I've defined as a tag) appears, when it is more numerous, to which other tags it is linked, and so on.
    Tags are really useful in fact. I would like to look into my Zotero collections by crossing them with other datas (date, author, other tags...) for a better analysis.
    I am not sure I am clear enough, but anyway, thanks a lot !
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