Save zotero item in specific collection and with tags

Currently, the zotero plugins for ff, chrome and safari only capture articles on a certain webpage but do not allow the user to pick the collection and tags. I think it would be great if zotero would support that. A simple click could still be the quick capture everyone is used to but a right click or something could also give the user the option to add tags and select the collection (with the default as the currently selected collection). Evernote does something similar. Of course, the user can always switch to zoetrope and do these things but from the plugin would be faster...
  • If the Zotero client is open, the plugin saves the item to the currently selected collection.
  • I think the request here is to do this straight from the browser add-on dialog, at least as an option. I think that might not be a bad idea:
    - it's been requested multiple times (by users aware of the option to select a collection)
    - it _is_ more ergonomical, in particular when using Standalone
    - it would allow us to unify the experience including for people saving to the server and the bookmarklet (who can't place into collections or tag at all as it stands).

    I'm not sure how hard it'd be to do and I'm not clear on where this should fall in terms of priorities, but I do think it should go on the generally planned list.
  • Yeah, it's generally planned.
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