Ingenta: Journal article scraped as "Web Page"

The above item is scraped as "Web Page". It appears to me that it should be scraped as a "Journal Article".
  • I'm also having this problem and I'm surprised that no one else has reported it yet. Ingentaconnect is a pretty important provider after all.

    Example article:

    Any ideas?
  • The workaround I use for articles on ingentaconnect is to click on the Tools menu at the right of the page: Export Options -> EndNote. Zotero catches and imports the EndNote bibliographic data.

    I observe that, using this method on your article, the date is captured as "July" rather than "July 2005". I don't know why the year is missing.
  • Yesterday a fix for ingentaconnect was pushed out. Your copy of Zotero should auto-update within 24 hours, or you can update manually by clicking Update Now in the General pane of the Zotero prefs.
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